The Digital Landscape of Food Ordering: How it is changing and why it matters for the hospitality industry.

In today’s world of a fast-changing technology overtaking much of our daily tasks, people are always looking for the next inovation that will make their life hassle-free. Consider the quick-service restaurant industry, and its shift to the mobile ordering. According to Localytics, there was a 16% increase in mobile ordering in 2016, accounting for 1.9 billion food service visits just in the United States. Consumers are quickly adapting to online orders, and innovative restaurant business are embracing this trend in a fast pace. So how can the food management services also gain from this momentum?


Understand Your Customers

More than ever, consumers reach their phone for ordering online. The benefits are obvious:It’s, fast, and most of the known brands are in some ways easily available. Therefore, your customer base is already connected to the online world. What you need to do, is to find a way to engage them with your brand so that you can learn more about their preferences and tastes.

As larger brands such as Starbucks, McDonalds are present on the mobile apps, and customers take notice of it. TThey percive online services as innovative and adhering to their needs.  Understanding your online options will help you to identify which platform to choose and will place you in a positive light with your customers.


Understand the Options


The world of digital ordering has some different streams of which a customer can be reached. For example, mobile applications, online ordering, and kiosk. Mobile apps are an excellent solution for clients looking for a comprehensive solution to increase orders and get to know their customers better. Combo upgrades, food upsells, and suggestions can be interactively displayed. Making it easier than looking at a food board and a more impulse purchase. Also, integrated loyalty programs available, your platform not only becomes an ordering platform with incentives for the customers, but it becomes your gateway to learn more about them. Their patterns, taste, and your most successful items at the touch of a button See our blog on The Top Benefits of Mobile Ordering.


Website Ordering

Website ordering allows you to extend new features and enhance your brand. By merely adding a branded page and empowering the customer to make orders without even leaving their device, you can increase the number of orders and reach a wider audience.



However, mobile ordering is not the only solution. For businesses with high customer turnover, such as hotels, could choose to opt for kiosk options. The benefits of a kiosk are very similar to the app. However, from a customer perspective, they do not need to download an app for a short stay at the establishment. Businesses can choose from a range of kiosk-style models. Such as from small tablets to full-size kiosks. Learn more about kiosks at our blog Meet the Kiosk – Hospitality Industry (change title)


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