What Is White-Label Third-Party Delivery?

Online food statistics indicate the digital ordering and fulfillment for the restaurant industry is on track to achieve double-digit growth through 2020. Meanwhile, the demand for online restaurant ordering and delivery is growing in value for both restaurateurs and customers alike. As noted by a current Tacit client, “35% of our take-out business is delivery, and it was zero three years ago.” Clearly, the trend toward more delivery and curbside options is absolute. To take advantage of the rising demand and scale of online restaurant customers, restaurateurs need to understand the value of using delivery services through white-label third party delivery.

The Misconceptions of White-Label Third-Party Delivery

A key problem with the implementation and use of white-label third party delivery derives from misconceptions about what it is and is not. White-label delivery services do not require the large upfront investments associated with building in-house delivery programs. Obviously, the restaurant may incur some costs with establishing the appropriate means of communication and data shareability, but white-label services are generally more efficient than building a program in-house. Furthermore, white-label services do not mean giving control over online ordering over to a third party entirely. The individual restaurant does retain its autonomy and can work with the third party delivery services provider to ensure delivery services live up to the standards within the restaurant.

White-Label Service Allows Restaurants to Maintain Their Own Perception of Branded Delivery

White-label service gives restaurateurs the ability to maintain their own perception of autonomy in front of consumers. Obviously, consumers that seek out restaurant delivery through a third party will see your brand on the site. However, the biggest advantage to you leveraging white label delivery services is giving the customers that want to order from your branded apps or websites the option to do so without necessarily sending that customer off to the pool of possible restaurants through a third party service provider. After all, a customer could change their mind when visiting a third party delivery app. White-label delivery service eliminates the possibility for customers that are actively looking for a branded experience.

Additional Benefits of White-Label Services in Digital Ordering

The primary benefits of leveraging white-label third party delivery extend well beyond simply offering a delivery option to customers. As explained by Grubhub, the benefits include increased access to loyalty programs and guest data tracking. “Perks will highlight many giveaways and incentives only available on Grubhub and will offer a seamless integration of restaurant loyalty programs so diners can earn and burn points digitally as well as on the restaurants’ white-label app or physically in-store. “Perks” will now be the go-to spot for diners to track all reward spending and find ongoing deals from nearby restaurants.”

Other benefits include immediate elimination of the risks associated with building a branded delivery service from scratch. For instance, restaurateurs can avoid the need to hire individual delivery drivers, review their performance, and maintain employee benefits. In a sense, the benefits of leveraging white-label third party delivery services dramatically reduce the risk in offering delivery to the valued customer. Furthermore, restaurateurs can tap the value of third party resources, including application programming interfaces (API) to connect their existing point-of-sale (POS) system to the delivery service. As a result, customers can enjoy a faster time to market for implementing delivery services. In fact, this advantage of offering immediate delivery is why most restaurants opted to work with a third party in the first place. Less overhead amounts to better profitability. However, some customers will always want to order through a branded app or website and not a third party delivery aggregator. Therefore, white-labeled services capture all opportunities for profitability in the omnichannel ordering space.

Reap the Rewards of Omnichannel Ordering Through a White-Label Provider With the Right Technology Partner

As demand continues to grow for online restaurant ordering, white-label solutions are the best option for restaurateurs looking to maintain brand individuality and avoid the risks of losing customers to a different restaurant within a third-party delivery app. Visit Tacit online to get started with your new white-label ordering and delivery service today.