Helping operators better serve their customers.
We are a leader in omni-channel digital ordering for hospitality. Our technology is changing the face of the food service industry, by lowering costs, increasing efficiency and delivering customer satisfaction. At Tacit, we pride ourselves on the deep expertise and guidance we provide to our clients, with the goal of solving their toughest operational problems.
The Tacit story
In 2012, Tacit CEO and Co-founder, Cris Jucan, found himself waiting for service at a short-staffed establishment. Eager to dine, he looked at his smartphone and asked the question, ‘why can’t I order from a restaurant on my phone?’
After speaking with restaurateurs, it was clear there was a gap in the market. Customers expected efficiency and reliability while operators required new solutions to meet these evolving needs. With the bulk of restaurant technology being 20 – 25 years old, a huge obstacle lay ahead in convincing owners to adapt to a new way of doing things. Fortunately, Brenda Crainic, Tacit CTO and Co-founder, was up for the challenge.
With market affirmation and a skilled team, Tacit was born. Cris and Brenda embarked on the journey to transform the ordering experience across the hospitality industry.
What started as a solution for dine-in restaurants, proved that POS and payment integration lowered costs and increased operational efficiency. Tacit quickly realized the potential for digital ordering beyond this space, and with the endorsement of leading POS partners, broke into new markets.
Sunnybrook Hospital was the first major campus to deploy Tacit’s technology. It was a huge success. Hospital staff and visitors benefited from the convenience of ordering ahead and skipping the line while operators saw an increase in revenue. As it turned out, mobile ordering was an invaluable service for busy doctors.
Today, Tacit’s technology connects all the systems that restaurants, managed food services, universities and venues need to operate efficiently and deliver an unforgettable customer experience.
The mission was, and continues to be, to make life easier for operators and improve the customer experience.