What Are the Top Trends in Restaurant Operations?

While curbside and drive-thru continue to push the boundaries of digital food delivery, the restaurant industry is creating a strategy that will future-proof operations and increases profitability. The modern restaurant world is now well-versed in the ideas of “contactless, safe” food practices, but restaurateurs need to know what to expect from the top trends in restaurant operations that will make or break their businesses through the remainder of 2020.

Keeping Delivery Apps’ High Fees in Check Is Among the Leading Trends in Restaurant Operations

Third-party delivery app fees have always been exuberant. As explained by Eater, standard third-party delivery fees set around 30%, eating into the already thin profit margins for restaurants.

According to Alex Rechichi CEO of Crave It Restaurant Group’s The Burger’s Priest—a current Tacit client and reported by the Financial Post, “

“We’re an industry where our margins are very, very thin. And at a time like this when 95 percent of your sales are going online and your delivery partners are taking 25 percent for the service they offer, it’s really hard to make money.”

Throughout the remainder of the year, more restaurateurs will work to bring these fees under control, and legislation is underway nationally to reduce the amount such delivery services can charge.

Restaurants Focus More on Lifestyle Campaigns and Instagrammable Merchandise

Restaurants will also turn to the use of social media and “Instagrammable” campaigns to reach more customers. As reported by Restaurant Dive, lifestyle campaigns and Instagrammable merchandise have a comedic advantage and grind their way into the long-term memories of customers. These measures increase diner loyalty by connecting emotion to the dining experience that goes beyond the satisfaction of a good meal. 

Simplified Restaurant Menus Reduce Confusion and Speed Service

Simplified restaurant menus are another area where restaurants will evolve in 2020. Instead of offering full menus for delivery or curbside, the trends in restaurant operations will focus on simplification, ensuring a faster kitchen workflow, and lessening the overhead for restaurants. 

Ghost Restaurants Begin to Mature

Ghost restaurants will also mature throughout the year as customers remain uncertain of whether to go out to eat or order-in. Furthermore, ghost restaurants enjoy the immediate reduction of costs by eliminating the dining room and dedicating all service to deliveries or curbside pickup only. 

Consolidation of Third-Party Aggregators Reshapes the Market

Third-party delivery service providers are under the microscope as well, and now, consolidation appears to be imminent. As reported by Chaim Gartenerg of The Verge:

“Uber operates its own food delivery service, Uber Eats, which is a rival of Grubhub. An October 2019 report had Uber Eats with roughly 20 percent of the delivery app market, while Grubhub had 30 percent. Both fell behind DoorDash, which controls 35 percent of the market and is the fastest-growing of the three. Buying Grubhub could catapult Uber from third place to first and give the company a huge advantage over DoorDash and other services.”

Any acquisition will only lead to more power in the hands of third-party service providers. 

Strategic Technology Use Sets the Stage for the Final Franchise Battle

In today’s age, attracting and keeping customers are core characteristics of the top trends in restaurant operations, and the use of strategic technology will help companies achieve this goal. Technology will set the stage for a battle between restaurants of epic proportions, and only those with the technology to cull costs will survive. 

It’s Time to Don Your Restaurant Battle Gear With the Right Technology Partner

The time for making a strategic plan in your restaurant is now. It’s too late to spend months or years planning your next move. Don your restaurant battle gear, diving head-first into the trends of restaurant operations, and preparing for how your next incoming order will make or break your company. Visit Tacit online to get started.

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