What Are the Digital Dine-In Options I Should Offer on My App?

When it comes to digital dine-in options, app-based experiences take the cake. According to a past Tacit customer, growth has increased 3% in less than one year among customers using the app. The Tacit customer further noted, “we’re seeing more people go app-based than web-based.” So, offering a digital dine-in app experience would seem to be more valuable than any. However, it is important to think about how a digital dine-in app experience can work well with other dine-in digital capabilities. 

Integrated App Purchases in In-Store Payments

The first thing any restaurateur needs is the ability to complete in-app purchases and use in-store POS systems to process transactions. While some consumers may use the app independently to complete a purchase, cash customers should have the option to order via the app and pay with cash without additional hassle. This same capability forms a basis for the recent incursion of Chick-Fil-A into mobile ordering as well, reports PYMNTS.com.

Digital Dine-In Options Should Include App-to-Kiosk Purchases 

Digital dine-in options must also allow for integration between the app and kiosks, including tableside kiosks within the dining area. Kiosks are a great way to both increase engagement and target images and sales more so than an app. However, the same functions within the app should seamlessly carry over into the kiosk and vice versa. 

Customers Want Loyalty & Student Card Integration in Apps

Customers also expect loyalty programs and student card integrations within the digital dine-in options of the app. Combined loyalty and tailored experiences further promote the brand value and eliminate the risk of forgetting to enter loyalty information. Furthermore, loyalty programs in apps can leverage smartphone notifications to increase orders after X days, when visiting Y places and if the systems are offering Z sales. In fact, past Tacit customers have cited similar benefits of in-app digital dine-in experiences:

“We have millions of users, and they receive just about one a day. And that’s just from us. Whether it’s to attract their attention to a new product or to give them an extremely limited time or, Show up tonight between 5:00 and 7:00 so you can get your steak for ten bucks. So we make flash sales. We make flash sales, and we do awareness messaging to those millions of people. They’re extremely valuable.”

Speaking of students, student loyalty programs are integral and critical to tapping the value of the market that chooses to dine-in and use smartphones. With the majority of digital dining users between ages 18 and 35, failure to connect with college students will alienate a huge market. Creating app-based restaurant customer experiences tailors the journey to users from all generations and gives those in college and of child-bearing age an easier alternative to traditional, dine-in ordering capabilities. 

Digital Dine-In Options Must Test the Market, Offering Prospective, New Items on the Menu

Digital dine-in options via the app should include a testing area for customers that wish to try new dishes or provide feedback on their experiences. Feedback data is immeasurable—well technically that’s what makes it measurable—way to gain insight into customers’ behaviors and dining trends. Such information can help restaurateurs make buying decisions, adjust the menu, keep prices affordable and reasonable for the area and more. 

Build Engaging, Digital Dine-In Experiences With a Comprehensive App-Based Ordering Platform

Customers want options, and dine-in customers are no exception. They expect the ability to order food with a server, order food with a tableside kiosk, order food from their smartphones, and split the check between systems and devices in the end. It’s a complex process, and with today’s technology, restaurateurs can reap greater profitability and more engaging experiences among customers. Find out what your company needs to build a better app and integrate it with your POS and other systems by visiting Tacit online today. 



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