University Food Delivery: How Universities Are Integrating Health Options Into Their Menus

University food delivery is quickly changing in the modern world. Student expectations have shifted, and campus food service providers need to find a way to keep students coming back for more. How? As further reported by QSR Magazine, “This generation is showing a preference for clean labels and for eating food in as close to its natural state as possible. They’re very conscious of what they put in their bodies. Beyond the food itself, today’s college students—in line with most of the population—want convenience, and much of that is found through delivery.”

Foodservice directors need to understand how universities are integrating healthier menu options into their services through a rise of campus online ordering and delivery. 

Students Want Exciting, Fresh, and Healthier Menu Options 

The demand for healthier, sustainable food at restaurants is driving a changing perception of environmental responsibility among students. The students want non-traditional food options, and they are unwilling to sacrifice flavor or costs. As a result, more campuses are turning to university delivery options that go well beyond traditional fast-casual cuisine and offer a more enjoyable experience. 

University Food Delivery Service Begins to Follow a Customized Meal Path

Today’s college students are both environmentally and socially conscious. They expect foods to be fast, easy, and affordable. Universities are trying to get away from the traditional stereotypes in University foodservice. Moreover, the traditional approaches to university foodservice—including buffets, are simply cost-prohibitive. Why would a student take the time to visit a dining hall when there’s a literal smorgasbord of menu options available that also offer the convenience of dorm and campus delivery?

Of course, restaurants play a vital role in allowing university delivery to expand. While a university may manage its own on-campus food services, additional opportunities to expand menu options exist through partnerships with third-party services and providers, as well as foodservice companies operating in partnership with the University to build their own digital food ordering system, including delivery. Of course, this opens the door to a perceived loss of consumers. But, the power of software integration and new technologies that enable better, faster University food delivery are driving the trend in allowing universities to finally offer a more diverse, sustainable, and healthier menu.

University Food Delivery Services Move to Tap the Value of Convenience

Convenience and efficiency in food preparation are key factors for a successful university food delivery program. While students may indeed order from third-party services, that doesn’t mean a school cannot recapture revenue. In fact, more schools are turning to third-party services, working under white-label contracts—to give students a wider menu without sacrificing food quality. Moreover, white-label online ordering options ensure the university still makes a profit and can offer food service without necessarily devoting significant resources to students. Depending on the size of the campus, university food delivery services may be spread over many miles. As a result, keeping food fresh and ready for students grows more challenging, and in the case of traditional ordering by phone, the heightened risk of errors in rekeying orders causes additional issues, says a past Tacit client:

“You know, it takes out the risk that the order doesn’t get entered timely or it gets entered incorrectly. So, you have some ordering inaccuracy there. So, [integrating the order directly into the POS is] preferred. I mean, by far that’s the most efficient, and most consistent method for transmitting these orders.”

Reap the Rewards of University Food Delivery on Your Campus With the Right Food Service Technology Partner

University delivery service represents a significant opportunity to expand sales volumes and give students access to more menu options. Today’s students deserve customized menus, meal plans, and options that range from vegan choices through sustainably sourced items. Of course, it’s all under the healthier, safer food umbrella. Fortunately, online ordering can help campuses achieve these goals and derive more value from such services. Visit Tacit online today to get started.

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