Room Service Digital Integration: Why Travelers Want Branded and 3rd Party Service

With the rise of third-party services in the restaurant industry, room service will naturally see some effect. Travelers have access to more delivery options than ever before, so upscale hotels and resorts must consider the value of room service digital integration in meeting demand.

Where Does Room Service Fall Short in Today’s World?

The answer to that question is the hospitality industry. However, as the economy has changed, the rate of travelers interested in experiencing local attractions has risen. In fact, Insights eHotelier reports, 70% of travelers express a great interest in trying local food experiences. However, ease and convenience are vital in meeting this interest. It is not enough to simply offer something local; the hospitality industry must provide a more diverse set of services to include room service. Unfortunately, existing processes and systems for maintaining room service may lack this capability.

Room Service Digital Integration Gives Travelers More Options

Room service digital integration represents the next wave of innovation in hotel services. Major national hotel chains have already taken steps to embrace food delivery as an alternative to traditional room service. Now, budget establishments in major cities have seen an influx of interest in room service, and while a few local options were available, the rise of third-party aggregators and delivery services triggered a change, explains Market Insider. Now, customers and travelers could access anything at any time, so what can restaurants and hotels do to develop better partnerships? The answer lies in the question. Integration between room service systems and delivery services creates new possibilities and opportunities to achieve positive results.

Additional Business Benefits of Digital Integration in Room Service 

Much debate surrounds the use of third-party services. Each provider charges a commission and leverages a dedicated platform to allow any restauranteur to offer delivery. Unfortunately, the high costs associated with third-party delivery leave some companies unwilling to make the sacrifice. While this was the status quo for several years, increased competition between service providers is pushing the commission charges and sacrifice lower. In other words, more companies can take advantage of third-party service at lower costs, and since today’s travelers are cost-conscientious, this will increase opportunities to recapture lost revenue for hotels. 

For example, hotels could effectively outsource the entire room service operation through digital integration and eliminate their costs while still offering more services to customers. 

Additional benefits include word-of-mouth advertising through business-to-business partnerships, stronger local economies, and publicity for dining options in the area. Remember, regional economic growth is excellent for everyone involved. Improvements in digital integration will reduce labor costs in providing services and give customers something more to remember their stay. Once again, technology wins in the battle for competition in all industries, and now even hotels begin to take on an all-inclusive, omnichannel role in providing service and value.

Give Your Customers Something Extra With a Robust, Digital Ordering Strategy

The right digital ordering strategy can allow travelers and even local clientele to improve, and the hospitality industry is situated in the middle of the change. As digital transformation continues, expect to see more hotels and venues leveraging digital delivery options for better room and guest services. Unlock new revenue streams by visiting Tacit online to expand your room service digital integration options today. 

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