Mobile or Kiosk? What’s better for my operations?

With an ever changing technology landscape, new products and features are constantly evolving and competing with each other. Computers replace typewriters, clunky desktops are no longer the buzz . So how about the mobile ordering vs kiosk? Will one eliminate the other? Let’s take a look.


According to Business Insider, in 2016 Starbucks’ mobile sales accounted for 27% of purchases in the US – while 73% of customers are still in line, waiting to pay. Though mobile sales are expected to grow, not everyone will change their preference. Both are technology rooted, will evolve overtime, but serve different markets. Some, enjoy the online route, others, in person. These devices offer similar features, by focusing solely in one solution, a wide market share is lost – as presented in the statistics above.


Furthermore, mobile ordering adheres to the tech-savvy, to those who know how to take advantage of the app. It also requires planning. A customer needs to think of where they want to order, what will make sense for them. However, us as consumers also make spontaneous decisions. Think of all those times you’re walking by your favourite shop and the smell of that fresh grilled burger and look of their food on the advertisements leave you craving it. Then, you walk in and are faced with a large line-up.


The kiosk is where this comes to play. The customer no longer needs to wait in line to order. Within a few clicks of a button, and the ease of paying with their loyalty card, they not only purchase that burge, but also a drink and fries to go along with it. The advantage of the kiosk, is also its layout and presentation of items. It enables brands to upsell items in a beautiful and seamless manner. Thus, increasing the order checks. The ability to incorporate loyalty and other forms of payment, just like the mobile, allows for easy checkout, reduces the lineups, and frees up the time for the staff to focus and provide great service to the customers already waiting in line.


Thus, mobile and kiosks have similar purposes but different audiences, both benefiting businesses in a tech-driven economy.


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