[WHITE PAPER] Digital Food Ordering Net Benefits Realized: How Digital Capabilities Add Long-Term Value

Tacit is excited to announce the release of the all-new industry white paper titled “Digital Food Ordering Net Benefits Realized: How Digital Capabilities Add Long-Term Value.”

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Within recent years, the digital transformation of industries across the globe grew swifter and put traditional business processes at risk. Even the restaurant industry witnessed its share of the need for digital transformation. In that space, omnichannel ordering, referring to the ability to order across any channel and get food through any means, arose. Meanwhile, omnichannel ordering often centers on the concept of delivery, and the value digital ordering brings to the table.

Top statistics of restaurant delivery and digital ordering reveal up to 27% of diners will spend more for faster food delivery, and according to Gloria Food, 33% of customers are willing to and do spend more than $50 when ordering online. This significant rise amounts to more than double the typical $16-$30 order in a full-service restaurant, and the opportunities for adding long-term value to restaurants lies within increased use of digital food ordering.

To add value to your restaurant throughout the omnichannel growth, restaurateurs need to understand how digital capabilities add long-term value. Thus, this white paper will explore:

  • The problems with traditional restaurant ordering and how failure to evolve ordering leads to lost customers.
  • Digital ordering benefits to restaurants, including the rise of ghost kitchens to meet growing demand, improved management of kitchen workflows, and higher average check sizes.
  • The primary digital and omnichannel ordering capabilities available today.
  • Best practices for applying digital ordering to increase revenue and efficiency.
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