Restaurant Loyalty Programs: The Challenge of Maintaining Consistency

Customer loyalty cards and restaurant loyalty programs have become an archetype in modern shopping experiences, and they are ingrained within the restaurant industry as well. Customer loyalty associations can attract new customers, encourage repeat purchases, provide a source for data collection, and help restaurateurs better manage their facilities. Unfortunately, the primary restaurant customer loyalty program, such as a punch card, is simply outdated and represents a key challenge in maintaining consistency in restaurant loyalty programs. Such problems are amplified across multisite portfolios. To maximize profitability and use of online ordering capabilities, restaurateurs need to understand these challenges and how to apply online digital dining technology to build consistency within them.

Outdated, Manual Restaurant Loyalty Programs Rely on Assumption

Traditional restaurant loyalty programs revolved around the use of a punch card or other manual means of tracking customer visits and purchases. This is the most basic and most straightforward way to track customer satisfaction. As customers return for more service, they may receive a discount or free item. Unfortunately, these programs rely on the assumption that the customer will return in the first place. Modern consumers can still sign up for loyalty programs and never return. That is where the value of a new, consistent customer loyalty program lies. 

Maintaining Consistency Is Essential to Building More Loyalty and Keeping Guests Happy

Maintaining consistency allows restaurateurs to understand customer buying behaviors. As customers return, they realize more information about how customers want to enjoy the restaurant. They can learn more about what type of foods sell the best, those that sell the least often, what new foods customers might want, and much more. Of course, restaurant loyalty programs provide a wealth of data, but they remain meaningless without a consistent message and targeting plan.

How to Apply Online and Digital Dining Technology to Build More Consistent, Positive Experiences

As explained by QSR Magazine, the modern world allows for the amplification of the traditional customer loyalty program. Instead of relying on outdated processes to track customer purchases, restaurateurs can use the Internet and connectivity to engage customers outside of the restaurant. The level of engagement is what allows restaurateurs to generate the insights mentioned above.

Unfortunately, creating an online customer loyalty program is much easier than many operators realize, and as a result, they opt for the most basic of systems. Through the use of cookie data and advanced user behavior tracking tools, restaurateurs can gain insights into customers across all potential channels, including those that purchase orders online, those that visit the facility itself, customers that went with friends to the restaurant, and more.

Since it all relies on the Internet, the potential is significant. Therefore, the fundamental key to consistency in restaurant loyalty programs is tracking, analyzing, and applying data insights gathered to understand customers better and give them what they want. 

Ensure Consistent and Positive Guest Experiences Now

Consistency in restaurant loyalty programs, including a continuous flow of information, will give restaurateurs an advantage in the modern world. Omnichannel is everywhere, and it is now taking hold of the restaurant industry. Everyone is a competitor, and since customers can order food from the comfort of their home, office, or neighborhood park, operators need every advantage they can get. Instead of putting it all on the line, make sure your organization knows what customers want and how to give them positive experiences by applying the data possible through restaurant loyalty programs. Visit Tacit online to find out more about how your organization can tap the value of online restaurant loyalty programs today.

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