Building Customer Loyalty Through On-Premise Dining Digital Options

Digital on-premise dining solutions are associated with an increase in customer loyalty and satisfaction, reports Fast Casual. More than two-thirds of customers plan to order online in the next year, and as digital transformation takes hold within the restaurant industry, restaurants must evolve.

Challenges of Digital On-Premise Dining

The challenges of digital dining mirror the challenges of digitalization in all industries. As explained by TobenRick.EU, digital transformation is not necessarily a challenge in itself. Instead, it is a lack of understanding and adoption among staff members that contribute to problems. When presented with digitization in the restaurant industry, companies may wish to invest, but they hold off. This derives from the uncertainty and the need to change every aspect of the business to stay aligned with digitalization. As digital technologies continue to disrupt supply chains, organizational structures, revenue models, and operational processes, managing the data alone can be a logistics nightmare. In the case of on-premise dining, the poor performance of digital technologies will become immediately evident. Customers will grow angry, and upset will ensue. Unfortunately, the restaurant industry suffers from a common problem– the willingness to provide a free service or comp a meal. This model will not work with the digital transformation in the restaurant industry.

Digital Dining Creates Opportunities for Engagement

Instead of focusing on the opportunities for error, restaurateurs should focus on how digital on-premise dining creates opportunities to engage with customers beyond traditional interactions. In the fast-casual restaurant space, the time to make an impact on customers is short. As a result, more companies are choosing to implement self-service kiosks and in-app ordering for guests. However, those that visit more traditional restaurants, such as Chili’s or Olive Garden, may wish to take the experience to a new level. Customers may want to use tableside kiosks to contact the server, request refills, order desserts, and more. This same capability could be applied through a branded app to allow customers to order their meals from the comfort of their tables without ever talking to a server. When the server does arrive with the food or drinks, the conversation can focus more on a personal level, which breaks the barrier between traditional employees and customers. As a result, customers and staff are more likely to engage and report positive experiences.

How to Succeed in Digital On-Premise Experiences

There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to the digital transformation of dine-in ordering and engagement opportunities. Therefore, restaurateurs should focus on creating a comprehensive digital dine-in strategy. Guests should have the option to use their personal smart devices to place orders, interact with staff, and complete transactions. The same capability that enables this feat also has a natural implication for improving brand loyalty through loyalty programs. Remember the days of punching tickets by hand? Well, those days have come to an end and customers that track loyalty points by app or third-party delivery services are more likely to use those points on their visit. Such information provides an invaluable resource for businesses and restaurateurs looking to understand customer expectations, launch new menu items, scale back labor demand, and more.

Increase Customer Loyalty With Better Digital Dine-In Options Now

Improved digital dine-in options for customers will build brand value and help restaurateurs understand how to connect with customers. The restaurant space is also amid a transformation involving sustainability. Customers want to know where their food-derived, how it was prepared, and what steps the restaurant has taken to ensure sustainability and its sourcing procedures. These factors play a critical role in more restaurants turning to digital on-premise dining solutions to connect with customers. Find out more about how your organization can be part of the better brand and value revolution by visiting Tacit online today.

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