5 Benefits of Tableside Pay & Order in Fast-Casual Restaurants

There is a massive shift occurring within the foodservice industry. Tableside pay and order in fast-casual restaurants is no longer simply a nice to have but a must-have. According to Hospitality Tech, 84% of consumers across all demographics want restaurants to accept digital and contactless payments. Meanwhile, 22% want to pay by text, and 20% want the option to pay by simply scanning a QR code. While impressive, these options are still connected with tableside pay and ordering kiosks. Still, they can also help give customers the ability to turn their devices into a personal, tableside kiosk order and pay. That’s the advantage of tableside advancements. Restaurateurs need to know the top five benefits of tableside pay and order in fast-casual restaurants and how that increases efficiency through digital kitchen management and faster service.

1. Tableside Pay and Order Capabilities Are Contactless

Contactless payments are essential for tableside pay and order in fast-casual restaurants. With the ability to scan a QR code or pay by text, customers can complete their transactions quickly and easily, with no need to fumble with cash or cards. This streamlined payment process provides a better overall customer experience, increasing satisfaction and loyalty. 

But contactless payments aren’t just about speed and convenience – they’re also about safety. By using contactless payments, customers reduce their risk of being victims of credit card fraud. Thanks to sophisticated security features like tokenization and encryption, contactless payments are up to ten times more secure than traditional card payments. Still, tableside pay and order in fast-casual restaurants is a traightforward way to improve safety on many levels and eliminate the risk of cross-contamination by handling cash or credit cards.

2. Zero Wait to Pay Creates Better Guest Experiences

When guests visit a fast-casual restaurant, they often must wait in line to order their food and then wait again in another line to pay. This can often lead to long wait times, especially during busy hours. 

However, offering tableside pay and order in fast-casual restaurants allows guests to order and pay for their food without waiting in line. This can help reduce wait times and allow guests to spend more time enjoying their meals.

3. Tableside Pay and Order Helps the Kitchen Stay Informed of Changes and Needs

With tableside pay and order, restaurateurs can update menu items in real-time. If a dish is running low, it can be removed from the menu immediately. Not only does this keep the menu current and accurate, but it also eliminates the need to have a second menu behind the counter.

In addition, tableside pay and order allow restaurateurs to update wait times for tables so that guests have a more accurate picture of how long they will have to wait before being seated. Managers can also see what tables are available at any given time while tableside pay and order are in use.

4. Tableside Food Ordering and Payment Can Upsell Items, Generate Bigger Tickets

Digital ordering has revolutionized the restaurant industry by giving customers the ability to order and pay for their food from their tables. This has several benefits for restaurants, including increased average ticket sizes, and also helps to reduce wait times. After all, less time at the counter ordering amounts to getting food items faster and having a better experience. Furthermore, restaurants have a unique opportunity to upsell items and generate a higher average order size through tableside food ordering and payment. 

This is more akin to the digitalization of “do you want fries with that,” and it will continue to drive the increased adoption of tableside order and pay in fast-casual chains in the future. 

5. Tableside Food Ordering and Payment That’s Integrated With Loyalty Programs Encourages Repeat Visits and Purchases

Like upsell items, restaurateurs can also use tableside solutions and integrated loyalty programs to understand better what their customers want from experience. This might include assessing new dishes to add to the menu, testing new concepts, and giving customers the ease of simply reordering their last meal. It’s all in the goal of time savings and better experiences, and tableside technologies are a big part of it. Integrating tableside ordering with their loyalty solution also helps deliver a seamless experience for customers while simultaneously picking up valuable data on the tables they’ve served.

Boost sales and Service With Tableside Food Ordering and Payment Capabilities in Your Restaurant

The restaurant industry is expanding and changing in response to customer demands. Throughout 2020 and 2021, customers fully embraced digital ordering and the perception of the new normal in dining experiences across all types of restaurants. However, fast-casual restaurants are also getting in on a more significant piece of the pie, pardon the pun, by putting tableside food ordering and payment in the reach and hands, quite literally, of their customers. Connect with Tacit to learn how your team can turn your customers’ devices into a point of access for tableside ordering and payment today. 

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