Tacit Innovations is excited to announce the release of the all-new case study titled “Tacit Delivers Spotless Digital Ordering Transition for Renowned Canadian Restaurant Chain.”

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Tacit’s One-on-One Guidance Ensured Customized Solutions, True Partnership, and Faster Implementation Than Industry Standard, Facilitating White Spot’s 25% Online Order Volume.

This case study will cover how Tacit was able to aid White Spot in a transition from a critical platform to a new one without any operations or customer experience interruption. The case study will cover the following:

  • The background of what caused White Spot to reach out to Tacit and utlize the company’s ability to establish digital ordering channels such as third party delivery integration into the POS.
  • Five Steps To Streamline Switching To A New Online Ordering Partner.
  • The results gained by White Spot in working with Tacit.

About White Spot:
White Spot is a restaurant organization that operates two separate brands primarily in western Canada and several international locations in Hong Kong. As a sprawling company, White Spot was among the first in their marketplace to offer online ordering in 2012.

Choose Tacit for Your Next Online Food Ordering Launch, Upgrade, or Integration. Tacit has the experience and skill among its employees to identify and strengthen any food ordering system or capability. Even without an advanced notice of the need to switch providers, Tacit accepted the challenge and still managed to help White Spot choose and complete the switch with absolutely ZERO DOWNTIME. Today, the results continue to accumulate, and White Spot’s customers will realize better service thanks to the partnership.

If you’d like these similar digital ordering solutions results, reach out to Tacit to contact us and learn more about our capabilities.

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Tacit Delivers Spotless Digital Ordering Transition for Renowned Canadian Restaurant Chain