[WHITE PAPER] How to Overcome Digital and Generational Disruption to the Long-Held Restaurant Operating Model

Tacit Innovations is excited to announce of the all new industry white paper titled “How to Overcome Digital and Generational Disruption to the Long-Held Restaurant Operating Model”

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The restaurant industry employs more than 10% of the US workforce and conducts more than $825 billion in annual sales, reports Harvard Business School. More than 1 million locations exist in the space, but their future remains uncertain. While the restaurant industry is a significant aspect of the US economy, digital transformation is beginning to take root. The retail sector endured the trials of digital transformation starting in the early 2000s, and that transformation can be tied to both digital evolution and generational disruption. 

The same forces now threaten the survival of the restaurant industry. Delivery has become commonplace, and businesses face the specter of digital-driven interactions with customers, including branded digital ordering for restaurants. Furthermore, those that fail to understand the digital and generational disruption to the long-held restaurant operating model face extinction. It is a grim outlook, but it is the truth. Digital and generational disruption have the potential to increase brand value through branded digital ordering for restaurants, and it will all depend on the ability of existing restaurants to tap into new revenue streams and optimize their operations.

To help restaurateurs understand digital and generational disruption, this white paper will explore:

  • The problems inherent within the traditional restaurant operating model.
  • How digital transformation enables new customer experiences.
  • Generational disruption on the industry.
  • Additional forces driving transformation.
  • Strategic steps to embrace the new age of restaurants.


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How to Overcome Digital and Generational Disruption to the Long-Held Restaurant Operating Model


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