Meet the Kiosk, the Industry’s New Trend Setter

The food and hospitality industry is facing disruptive technology changes in customer relationship, operations, management and control. Mobile ordering has become a significant hit, with restaurant chains investing time and money to explore its benefits. It has connected businesses to customers, created partnerships, and explored a large customer demand – to create convenience and accessibility in a world where time is something that has become more and more limited each day.

However, as the mobile trend becomes familiar, another one steps into the scene. Meet the kiosk. The kiosk, very similar to mobile, provides customers with a more convenient ordering platform, and creates opportunities for companies to increase order volume. So what types of companies are adapting the kiosk? What are its benefits? Why has it become popular? Here’s a quick overview.

Here’s a quick overview. Kiosks are not new inventions, they’ve been present for a while and have different formats. Large, standing kiosks can be found in airports, while smaller screen, tablet-like kiosks can be found throughout stores.

So what’s the buzz?

Food ordering kiosks can now give customers the ability to browse menus, order, and pay with only a few clicks.  The user interface experience is evolving and getting better each time, connection to the point of sale systems has made operations more smoothly, and payment features more convenience for both customer and business. Franchises are taking advantage of customer’s interest in ordering in-store but without any human interaction. Kiosk has changed the store’s layouts, increased order total amounts, and allowed for stores to focus on the food they care the most.

According to RestoConnection, 60% of Generation X and Y are receptive to online ordering, and those in generation Z, born between mid 1990s to 2000, have technology enveloped around them. It’s almost a second nature. This generation is the future, and why companies should look at how to be more proactive in engaging this audience. The kiosk is a happy medium between going completely mobile (as in developing mobile applications) and innovating one step at a time.

Here’s a quick list of benefits: 

For the business:

  • Increase orders without additional cashiers
  • Showcase specials and features
  • Improve customer buying experience thus creating loyalty
  • Streamline order processing
  • People buy with their eyes – imagery will enhance your brand

For the customers:

  • Browse, order, and pay without human interaction
  • Minimize error and enjoy the ordering experience
  • Spend less time in line
  • Freedom to browse the menu and make decisions at their own time


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