Tacit is Proud to Partner with Uber Eats

Digitization across industries is making our daily tasks easier. From banking processes, grocery shopping, getting a ride and ordering food; such as Uber Eats. The concept of being able to do something from your digital device is now not only a suggestion but the core to being competitive. Companies who are not focusing on implementing these strategies are lagging. According to e-marketer, on average, an adult spends 3 hours and 35 minutes on spends mobile devices as it increases over the years.  “Crowd” mentioned that 58% of diners use mobile payment when available, and as per our market research, order check sizes increase 20% on average when the ordered online versus in-store. Hence, optimizing this opportunity to expose your brand and gather as much customer’s attention to your business is critical. Exposure to customer base increases, revenues go up, and average checks are higher than in previous months. Now, how do businesses operate with online and mobile services?

Moreover, why does the partnership between Uber Eats and Tacit matter? Let’s think here for a minute. Before mobile and online food ordering, a quick-serve restaurant had customers parking, getting off their car and waiting in line. One method of attending customer’s requests, one revenue source. Adding drive-through, make it two. People waited in line, others, impatient with the line-ups drove off. People in a hurry avoided busy places and went somewhere else. People’s choices changed quickly; one look at a location and off to the next. Also, the staff had to deal with customers placing orders through the phone.

Hungry, and impatient customers are calling in only to arrive at the location and find out that their order was misunderstood and now made incorrectly. Now, this hungry customers complained and staff, already overloaded, have to resolve the issues. That means that busy times for restaurants required more people to deal with the volume and avoid drive-offs, angry customers, and large orders, as much as possible, but shortly after, much of the staff would be obsolete as the peak hour was over. Fast forward to the new partnership between Uber Eats and Tacit. With services such as Uber Eats, customers can easily order at their convenience, and the restaurant’s operations are made seamless. As noticed in trends over the years, mobile data consumption increases steadily, and the focus has shifted to mobile apps. Customers have adapted to the norm and prefer the experience of ordering online versus at a physical location. For the restaurant, it becomes convenient to focus on getting more orders out, while having the staff attend the dine-in customers. When orders placed on Uber eats are automatically entered into the restaurant’s POS without any manual work and print in the kitchen automatically. This ease of operations is possible due to Tacit’s integration with all major POS systems. When linked with Tacit’s technology, all orders are submitted seamlessly into the system and placed without needing manual assistance. Restaurant staff no longer has to press “Accept” button on the Uber tablet for others to print, and neither do they have to manually input the order into the POS to reconcile orders at the end of the day. It is saving staff time and decreasing labour costs for businesses. The customer receives the order at their own home, and the restaurant is happy with the experience. Additional benefits include menu management and automatic price updates.

With Tacit’s integrated POS solution, price updates are simultaneous. That means, if an item increases from $10.29 to $10.59, the price only needs to be changed on the POS and is automatically updated on the app or website. No more wasted time on manually updating pricing on multiple platforms. The POS sends updated information to all the platforms and your customers on Uber Eats will receive the latest information. Decreasing the number of complaints or requests for refunds when a price discrepancy between online and in-store occurred. Increase the volume of orders and create more satisfied customers.

Tacit helps the largest hospitality companies in the world increase revenue and lower operating costs with our digital food ordering platform. We are proud to partner with Uber Eats, a leading delivery platform to provide a comprehensive solution to a booming market. To find out more about the integration, contact us at info@tacitcorporation.com




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