Support for the new British Columbia Sweetened Carbonated Beverage Tax


Our ordering platform can support combination of tax codes from Canada and US.


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MAEGAN BACK-OFFICE SUPPORTS BC's NEW Sweetened carbonated beverage Tax

The province of British Columbia has introduced a new tax on sweetened carbonated beverages. We’ve added functionality to our backoffice to support this new tax rule.

Sweetened Carbonated Beverage Tax Overview

Starting on April 1st, 2021 the province of British Columbia will be charging a 7% tax on items considers sweetened carbonated beverages

  • In BC, the provincial tax is 5% GST. The Carbonated Beverage Tax is an additional 7% PST
  • Back-office users can now define items that qualify for this new taxation rule in BC
  • This rule applies to orders processed across all platforms; websites, apps and delivery networks
  • When a customer orders through our platform, the tax rate will be applied to the item in addition to the regular provincial tax
  • For menus that are shared between BC and other provinces, the tax will only apply to BC locations. Provinces are specified in the location set up (Brands & Locations > Edit Location > Contact & Hours)

POS Connected Locations

  • For locations that are POS-connected, the carbonated beverage tax will be programmed as a tax rate for the appropriate items on the POS. Users do not need to setup the tax for applicable items in our back-office if the location is POS-connected AND does not use delivery networks

Delivery Network Integrations

  • For locations that are POS-connected AND use delivery networks, the tax rate must be set up through the back-office for sweetened carbonated beverages on the location’s Delivery networks menu only

POS-disconnected Locations 

  • For POS-disconnected locations, back-office users have the ability to add the Carbonated Beverage Tax at the item level as a tax rule
How to Set Up Carbonated Beverage Tax
  1. Go to the Menus tab
  2. Select your Location
  3. Add or Edit Item
  4. On the Edit Item page, go to Tax Rule dropdown
  5. Select the Carbonated Beverage Tax
  6. Publish the item
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