Fraud Management in Customer payments


View and manage customer transactions in a single tab in the back-office. Take control of your customer payments.


What's New


Now you can blacklist customers with fraudulent activities to prevent credit card frauds.

Fraud Management

We recently added a Customer Payments tab to the Maegan back-office for operators to identify and manage fraudulent users. With the recent increase in online ordering and the economic impacts of COVID-19, fraud numbers have gone up and are continuing on an upward trend*. The Customer Payments tab enables you to view your customers payment activity and blacklist potentially fraudulent users. This insight and control will help keep your business safe from attacks and invalid payments.

  • Keep your business safe from fraud 
  • Whitelist secure users more efficiently
How does it work?
  • Turn on “Fraud Check” for your client app to automatically detect fraudulent accounts
  • View credit card add, update and removal activity by customer account
  • Blacklist suspicious customers by account, phone number or delivery address to block them from placing orders, adding credit cards and reloading cards
  • Whitelist customer accounts deemed safe
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