Enterprise Menus – Share and Localize Menus Faster


Managing your online menu is a breeze with our platform.  Users can add, update and 86 items with ease while still having the power to customize and manage multiple menus.

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What's New


With enterprise menus you can speed up your menu setup by sharing menus across locations with ability to customize and localize each menu.

Enterprise Menus

We’ve introduced new functionality that enables back-office users to manage shared menus more efficiently. The Enterprise menus feature allows operators to share menus across multiple brands, activate item availability and localize pricing by location. This makes it quicker and easier to set up custom product offerings from a base menu across any number of outlets.

  • Quicker menu creation and site go live
  • Unlimited price control by site
  • Custom menu offerings down the item level
  • Enable customers to order from multiple concepts in one go
enterprise menu
enterprise menu screen
How does it work?
  • Share multiple menus across multiple brands and locations within the same company
  • Add and update menu items at the parent location that automatically share down to child locations
    • New items will be set to unavailable until enabled by the site
  • Create localized menu, price and item availability for child sites
    • Enable locations to choose the menus and items they would like to offer (Breakfast, Coffee, Deli, etc.)
    • Enable locations set their own menu hours
  • Create new local items and modifiers that are specific to each location (Menu Managers/Admins)
  • Route printers and KDS devices at the item level (Ex. Sandwich item sends to Deli station KDS, Burger item sends to Grill station KDS)
  • Available for disconnected and POS connected locations (development work is required per POS)


If you're interested in learning more about these new updates and features, please reach out to us.