How the Right Digital Food Ordering Platform Can Breathe New Life Into Your Restaurant as a New POS System

The use of a point-of-sale (POS) system in the restaurant is about much more than just managing payments. As reported by Modern Restaurant Management, “The progression of POS toward being a “one-stop-shop” is likely the biggest driver of the restaurant POS market’s growth. Digital innovations remain the leading factor in changing the way people make and receive payments. Cash registers are a technology of the past as business owners now focus on greater flexibility and control. Similarly, gone are the days of basic systems and stationary credit card readers. Restaurant POS systems are changing, morphing, and evolving as restaurateurs and other business owners demand the features that did not exist 20 years ago.” The rise of demand for a digital food ordering platform stands among these features, and restaurateurs need to understand a few things about it. 

The Challenges of Using an Antiquated POS System in the Modern Restaurant

The challenges of using an antiquated POS are simple and include:


  • Trouble understanding the flow of money and inventory within the restaurant. 
  • Limited reporting capabilities.
  • Inability to integrate data with third party digital order platform technologies, resulting in severe franchisee underreporting.
  • Increased labor costs resulting from re-keying of orders.


Of course, additional problems exist and are limited only by the strife within a restaurant operating an antiquated POS. Clearly, an upgraded system is necessary, but why?

Digital Food Ordering Platform Capabilities May Offer a Way to Digitize All POS Processes

A digital food ordering platform is a form of modern POS. It combines the value add of digital ordering through online means and in-store kiosks with the ability to enter orders manually. Furthermore, optimized restaurant POS platforms enable seamless integration with third-party delivery services. In other words, restaurants realize the benefits of having staff work to serve guests and prepare food, not handle back-office needs. With that in mind, the modern POS and digital food ordering platform capabilities can handle the whole spectrum of back-office needs from reporting through reordering. As explained by a past Tacit client, a digital food ordering platform is the clear solution:

“From a franchisor’s perspective, the reason why it’s a big deal is because every time sales aren’t rung up, we’re not being paid royalties. And not having that transparency to understand what really is happening through these third-party conduits, we really don’t know what the true sales status is across the country. We do find that there are franchisees that purposely do not ring these up. By centralizing data storage and integrating systems, we find the proof of what is happening and can eliminate the risk of franchisee underreporting.”

Added Benefits of Digital Food Ordering Solutions in the Restaurant

Implementing a digital food ordering platform also presents new opportunities for restaurants to attract and retain customers. For example, a digital platform can help encourage repeat visits by using guest data to customize promotions to that user, notes QSR Magazine—and offering more than standard payment options, such as Google Wallet or Apple Pay. The platform could connect with the guest’s third-party delivery service provider of choice—reducing the risk of being overlooked for simply not being listed by a single aggregator. Combined with the food supply chain systems that handle reordering, the digital platform takes on a new persona—replenishing the restaurant. It enables faster kitchen and labor management by forecasting demand and creating schedules to manage workflows more efficiently. The options for improvement are limitless.

Reap the Rewards of Digital Ordering Capabilities by Choosing the Right Restaurant Technology Partner

Digital ordering is the new normal of restaurant management strategy, and restaurateurs using a non-connected, antiquated POS need to upgrade now. In today’s economy, it’s not enough to simply track the physical money. Restaurateurs need to track everything and apply the power of modern POS capabilities through a digital platform that enhances efficiency through and through. Find out how to get started with an upgrade to your POS system with a digital ordering platform by visiting Tacit online now. 

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