Want Better Margins, Increased Efficiency, & Happy Customers? Implement Restaurant Digital Ordering Solutions That Integrate

Integrated restaurant management is more than just sending orders to the back. It’s a true paragon of efficiency that shares and leverages data and information to reduce inefficiencies and maximize value. Integrated restaurant digital ordering solutions tap that potential and provide a rubric for increasing efficiency in the kitchen, fulfilling orders for delivery, curbside, and dine-in guests, guaranteeing the order prepared is exactly what the customer wants, and more. Before going too deep into the well of opportunity, restaurant owners must understand the problems with the poor, if any, integration between restaurant systems and how integrated systems align with the restaurant service trends of 2020 and beyond.

The Problems With Poor Integration Between Systems

Today’s customers expect the world, and third-party delivery services, including DoorDash and UberEats, rose to fill that demand. However, those services can be costly and lead to additional problems. The irony lies in that avoiding them is also an impractical strategy. Regardless, giving customers a happier, more convenient experience can quickly add to total operating costs, particularly labor costs. Offering in-house delivery means hiring drivers, managing them, and increasing your liability insurance. At the same time, leveraging a third-party platform comes with its risks, including higher operating costs resulting from rekeying of orders. However, imagine if it were possible to eliminate those errors by seamlessly connecting your POS into the third-party platform. In fact, that’s the advantage of working with a third-party aggregator, which was also explained by a past Tacit client:

“With operating an in-house delivery program, you’re already looking at a significant labor investment before you ever may have an order in your restaurant. That compares to working with a third party where you’re only paying some of those fees if you get an order. It’s an interesting model, and that breakeven loss can be a tough nut to swallow.”

Of course, failure to integrate also opens the door to additional costs, including higher operating expenses resulting from increased overtime hours, lack of visibility into order volume and costs, poor engagement with customers, and more. Paired with industry problems with retaining labor, the problem grows worse. According to Foodable.com, “one franchisee always quotes, ‘I can only get 60% of the labor I need,’ said Nigel Travis, Dunkin Donuts CEO to Business Insider.” Clearly, the labor issue stands apart as perhaps the biggest problem without integration.

But again, integrated solutions hold the answer. 

Integrated Solutions Offer Clear, Coherent Management Strategies

Integrated restaurant digital ordering solutions provide restaurant owners a clear picture of the health of the organization, the needs of the kitchen, the demand for delivery versus curbside, and what needs to happen to improve profitability. Integrated solutions rely on data openness and shareability, and since that is obviously not the goal of the Tablet-only delivery model providers, restaurant owners that wish to take advantage of its benefits need another third-party servicer, such as restaurant ordering technology specialist, like Tacit.

Additional Benefits of Integrated Restaurant Digital Ordering Solutions

Integrated restaurant digital ordering solutions also improve the bottom line in several indirect ways, including:


  • Increased accountability for inventory controls and managing surges in ordering.
  • Digital capabilities that connect with analytics platforms, payment processors, and more.
  • Turnkey access to third-party services via APIs, not to mention future-proofing your scalability and your relationships with third-party delivery service providers.
  • Better quality control, enabling visibility into the logistics of delivery, and avoiding upset customers.
  • Increased service levels that lead to more orders.
  • More profitability enables reinvestment in the business.
  • Rewards for employees in the form of wage increases, streamlined workflows, and data-driven decision making.


Reap the Rewards of Digital Ordering With a Tacit Partnership

Digital ordering is a modern restaurant imperative. Without digital capabilities, restaurateurs lose out on most millennials that are willing to pay for the convenience of their dining options. It’s not enough to just offer takeout or dine-in. It’s not enough to only work with a branded mobile app. Find out what is enough by visiting Tacit online and kickstarting your implementation of integrated restaurant digital ordering solutions

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