According to VansonBourne, 85% of consumers will abandon a brand after a single bad digital experience. That is a number that should not be ignored. People are looking for brands that are engaging, that give them added value, rather than just a purchasing outlet. When looking at your digital strategy, there are a few critical questions to consider: Are we providing the services that customers want? What is our customer’s trust with our product? How much support do we have for our customers?

The concept of food ordering platforms should be simple. To have the most seamless process of browsing, ordering, and paying for a meal. However, the experience should not be merely a process. It should be engaging, informative, and most importantly, reflect your brand. Be a touch-point for you to build loyalty and trust between you and your customers.
Here are a few examples:

Are you providing the services customers are searching want?
Know your customers. Know them better than they know themselves. Are your customers searching for your stores online? Do you have an online ordering platform to address their needs right away? Is your audience a younger demographic, engaging in mobile platforms more frequent? 44 per cent of those surveyed, will make a product or service purchase on their mobile devices. Are you searchable? Are you using the latest technology targeted at your audience? Not every mode of communication may adhere to your customer’s needs, but it is essential to know which ones to use, which ones to focus, and how to continue to engage them. Every touch point with your customers is an extension of your brand.

Are you accessible to your customers?
A survey of 8,000 participants over four continents, conducted by VasonBourne, found that 72 per cent of respondents abandoned a mobile experience in the last year because contact information was too complicated to find. Are you accessible to your customers? If a question arises, can they easily reach out?
At Tacit, we design our apps for easy navigation and clear contact information. Customers can email or call the business within a couple of clicks of a button.

Why should I trust your app?
With security breaches and privacy policies in question, make sure that all your platforms are secured with the most updated software. The same survey reported 33 per cent of respondents cited lack of confidence in security. So let your customers about your updates and features, this will boost their confidence in your product.
Your customers should be aware and made clear or what information is aggregated, and how much control they have with their data. Make sure those 33 per cent of people are not spreading insecurities to others about your platform. With every online platform designed by Tacit, privacy policy and terms of service are visible and accessible to the customer. Furthermore, full integration with payment processors allows us to submit all transactions directly into the client’s account – which allows full transparency between you and your customers.

In an online-focused world, which, every day is gaining more tech-savvy user; companies need to learn how best adapt and not fall behind. The reality is; that the 85% of people who leave a brand because of a bad digital company, will tell other about it, and this number will only hurt your brand. Make sure to address these issues and to continue to strive to make a better experience for your customers and your business.

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