Four Ways Online Food Ordering Connects You to Your Customer

The hospitality industry, like many others, is saturated and filled marketing tactics to attempt in getting customers’ attention. So how do you connect with customers without only throwing information at them, but offering an added value service? Think online / mobile ordering. These options allow you to offer something customers want, while reaching them in different forms. Here’s how:


Mobile Ordering

Chances are that most of the time you’re glued to your phone. Mobile ordering provides an extra accessible place for those of us who are always  on the go, and hungry, to order anytime. Be the first place people reach for food.

Whether you’re looking into getting your own app built, or joining a mobile app platform, customers will always have your options available at their fingertips.


Custom Website

You already have a website and would like to integrate online ordering, but how will it look? Online ordering companies customize their platform to fit your brand’s look and feel. Ask each company how much customization can be done that will best fit your needs.

By having a customized web ordering, customers will have easy access to your menu and be able to order whenever, wherever. Googling it? Yes, find it there too.



Each customer is different and have specific requests. Make it easy for your clients to modify orders and request personalized orders. This can be easily done through a website or app, allowing for changes without misunderstandings over the phone. Reach your customers and provide what matters to them the most.


Loyalty & Rewards Programs

Create a sense of belonging. Customers love to feel like they are a part of your company, well, that is if you offer them incentives, and make them feel valued. By aligning with a loyalty & rewards program, you are able to gain information about your customers, retain them, which is cheaper than the cost of obtaining new ones, and create repeat orders. Invest in the program that will fit your needs and get you closer to your customers.


Learn more about online ordering by reaching out to our team. We would be happy to assist you.

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