A Summary of the Technomic 2020 Global Restaurant Trends

The changing state of the global economy and access to technology is affecting restaurants, foodservice companies, entertainment venues, and casinos in new ways. It’s no longer enough to simply offer great food. Food needs to be affordable, taste great, available through online ordering and delivery, and much more. And, changing customer buying habits were recently highlighted in a Technomic study. For restaurateurs, understanding and aligning brands to these trends form key steps in the battle to maintain restaurant profitability.

Restaurant Kitchens That Only Service Delivery Will Define Global Restaurant Trends

A leading concept in the restaurant industry—dark kitchens—is rapidly gaining notoriety for its ability to help restaurants offer delivery services without the overhead of maintaining a dining room or customer takeout area. It’s also important to note that the concept does not offer a takeout option for customers that want to pick up foods. Instead, this segment focuses exclusively on the use of commercial kitchen spaces to fulfill delivery orders. For example, delivery-only kitchens might not apply to the use of mobile order-ahead apps. But again, it’s up for debate.

Consumers Want More Plant-Based and Vegan Menu Options

The need to diversify the menu is greater than ever. According to the study, “In 2020, the plant-based trend will extend beyond faux meats to include plant-based eggs, gelatin, cheeses, milks, sauces and condiments. Moreover, as branded meat analogues saturate the market, restaurant brands will create proprietary plant-based meat products to differentiate from competitors and reduce expenses.” Moreover, the increased demand for vegan options will further the need for contemporary menus that align to multiple dietary restrictions and preferences among all global restaurant trends.

Innovative Dining Trends That Go Beyond Traditional Food and Beverage Options

In recent years, innovations within the restaurant space began to take hold. These innovations include the use of collagen-spiked drinks and bubble teas. Sliders are now making a comeback, and pinsa-style pizzas are forcing restaurants to rethink their use of machinery. Pinsa is a Roman-style that involves stretching the dough by hand, and it is quickly becoming the go-to item for millennials across the online food ordering landscape. Even chewy, fruit-flavored balls mixed into drinks that mirror the water-retaining balls of décor have become a hot-button item across today’s restaurants. 

Online Ordering Will Further Push the Fringe of Alcohol Deliveries

While some states have recently expanded the ability for restaurants to offer alcohol deliveries, the general trend has been in reverse. Eliminating alcohol from beverages and cocktails is part of the “mocktail” movement—providing a sense of refreshment without the possible effects of alcohol. At the same time, craft beer brewers are working on low-alcohol content beverages that will invigorate the craft beer movement without risking the ire of anti-alcohol establishments. This might not seem like a major change, but imagine the impact in areas where alcohol consumption is frowned upon. It’s an opportunity to explore new global markets and even reduce the perception of alcohol. 

Back to the delivery of alcohol, Texas Governor Greg Abbott unveiled a plan within the past week that allows bars and restaurants to deliver alcoholic beverages provided the customer orders food. While this was in response to another issue affecting the industry, it heralds a possible future for more mixologist-like creations in the delivery space. 

Update Your Restaurant to Reflect the Global Restaurant Trends Now

Regardless of opinion, the global restaurant trends identified in the study showcase the growing importance of customer buying habits in managing restaurants. In today’s age, customers have endless options, and they will exercise those by choosing the technology-driven, convenient option. As reported by a past Tacit client, “I mean the consumer today is looking for convenience. They’re more inclined in their busy lives to want food delivered to their homes. We see that as kind of a shift in consumer preferences.” The study reaffirms the need for more technology. Period. Find out how your restaurant can be part of the wave of innovation in the industry by visiting Tacit online today.

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